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In The Beginning…

It's been three years since this blog said “Hello World” to its first readers. Our aim was to create a public window through which the Bitnami engineering team could share its experiences in creating, contributing, and using open source software. The Engineering blog was also designed as the place to make public announcements related to Bitnami's open source projects.

And that was what we did: providing readers with valuable and easy-to-digest educational content on the latest technology and solutions, especially about Kubernetes and containers.

Throughout this period, our authors wrote practical use cases, tips and tricks for optimizing processes, or troubleshooting articles explaining the steps they followed when solving specific problems.

In parallel, the documentation team carefully selected new topics and solutions for creating handy how-tos and quick start guides that allowed developers to kick off with Bitnami applications.

Analyzing and Improving the User Experience

As time went by, we realized that most of the articles we published in the blog focused on user guides rather than Bitnami's open source project announcements or technology reviews. Weren't we confusing our readers by producing similar content in two different places: the Engineering blog and the documentation site?

That question led us to investigate how to improve the user experience, and how to make the guides more searchable and reflective of the user's journey.

From that internal audit, the Bitnami Tutorials site emerged. Coinciding with Bitnami's acquisition by VMware, we decided to take a step back, pause the production of new articles for the blog, and create a fresh, easy-to-search site with high-quality technical content for developers and sysadmins.

Bitnami Tutorials site

A New Home for Bitnami Tutorials

Our new tutorials site includes these features and enhancements:

  • A powerful search engine that allows searching for content across the entire documentation site;
  • An overview of the latest tutorials grouped by date of creation;
  • A list of tags that allows you to quickly identify the solution, components, and platform covered in the tutorial;
  • A table of contents inside each tutorial to navigate from one section to another with ease;
  • A "series of tutorials" section with a set of sequential guides moving from basics to more advanced topics organized according to the user journey;
  • A form for suggesting new topics and tutorials (accessible from the docs.bitnami.com home page)

Series of tutorials

You can continue to access the engineering blog to check your favorite posts. Don't worry, this site won't disappear in the long term. Those articles won't be updated, though.

To read the most recent and updated technical content, navigate to the Bitnami Tutorials site and discover the ultimate solutions for users of Kubernetes and Bitnami containers!