Start analyzing your data with Grafana Multi-Tier with Azure Database for MariaDB

Grafana is one of the ultimate open source platforms for analytics and monitoring. Grafana provides you with a visual dashboard for your data no matter where it lives: Graphite, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many more. With it, you will be able to query, visualize, alert, and analyze your metrics.

Bitnami has partnered with Azure to provide the Grafana Multi-Tier with Azure Database for MariaDB ARM template. Now, you can easily deploy this production-ready application on an Azure Cloud server by clicking "Create" in the Azure Marketplace. Keep reading to discover how this application is built for your production needs, and how to get started quickly.

Bitnami Grafana with Azure Database for MariaDB template configuration

The Grafana Multi-Tier with Azure Database for MariaDB is comprised of a load balancer, two nodes, and a fully Azure managed database. Each machine is endowed with a 3.5 RAM, and 50 GB of database storage that you can set depending on your needs.

The number of nodes is completely configurable, up to 32. The only thing you need to do is to launch more servers either when deploying the solution or after the cluster is created. This will allow you to better distribute the workloads and to ensure fail tolerance on your deployment.

Grafana with Azure Database for MariaDB architecture

On an initial startup of the Grafana with Azure Database for MariaDB template, you will also get:

  • Latest version of Grafana and its components.
  • Latest version of MariaDB.
  • Automatic data replication that ensures fail tolerance to your cluster.
  • Load balancer that distributes workloads through the nodes.
  • Safe authentication method: set your own username and password during the deployment and select the type of access you prefer for your server.
  • Encrypted communication between the database server and client by using SSL communication by default.

Benefits of a fully managed DB service

The Bitnami Grafana Multi-Tier template has been designed as an enterprise and as a production-ready solution with a fully Azure managed MariaDB. With it, you can quickly scale and reach global distribution without worrying about costly downtime. With a fully database managed service, you will get the following benefits from the very first moment you deploy the Bitnami Grafana Multi-Tier template:

  • Managed database with built-in high availability.
  • Flexibility in scaling your compute and storage resources as you need.
  • Security and compliance with automatic patching and backups.

As a developer, all of these features give you the ability to develop faster since you don't need to be worried about the management and maintenance of the database. Apart from it, deploying this solution from the Azure Portal is really easy since everything is declared in the ARM template that Bitnami provides for Grafana with Azure Database for MariaDB. With a few clicks, you can deploy several resources together in a single unit, making your solution available in an Azure cloud service within minutes.

Watch the following video to learn how easy it is to deploy the Grafana Multi-Tier with Azure Database for MariaDB on an Azure cloud server, or check our documentation to get started with it today!