Keeping the Bitnami Promise - At Scale

Victor Tuson Palau

Victor Tuson Palau

Director of Engineering.

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This is the promise we make to you in our homepage, and we keep our promises! Our Build and Release machinery is constantly improving to make sure we keep over 140 applications always up-to-date.

Up to Date: Bitnami simplifies the process of monitoring and maintaining your application images by automatically tracking package updates, patches and security vulnerabilities for all of your software.

Bitnami pipeline

This week we published 53 new stack releases. This is a combination of updates (security or features) to our applications, but also to the base components that are included in the images to ensure you get the best experience out of the box.

At this scale there is only one solution: Automate, Automate, Automate!

A large part of our application catalogue can be released on its own, while we sleep! Our Continuous Integration pipeline takes care of downloading source packages, rebuilding them for multiple operating systems, executing tests and publishing a matrix of assets/flavours that will make your mind boggle.

Lets's take the Wordpress stack as an example. In a single release, we publish two flavours of single VMs (standard and multisite), these are pushed into 7 Clouds and are also available to download as OVAs and installers for Windows, Linux and OS X. We also have Multi-VM cluster solutions for Google, Azure and AWS, plus a Kubernetes Chart. Yes, that is more than 20 different ways to run Bitnami's Wordpress stack.

Deploy WordPress as you like

But why stop there? This month, we have made available Wordpress 4.9 and Php7.2 at the same time than the official project releases. Also, we are already releasing beta versions of Django 2.0, allowing you to migrate your project and be ready for when it releases officially later in December 2017.

Try Django 2.0

Do you want to join Bitnami and work in the machinery that makes this magic happen? We are looking for a Senior Build and Release Engineer to join our team.

This article was originally published at LinkedIn Pulse.