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Deploy a Scalable MongoDB Replica Set on Oracle Cloud with Bitnami's MongoDB Terraform Template

by Vikram Vaswani

Bitnami offers a number of different solutions to help you deploy MongoDB in a a scalable, secure manner. In previous blog posts, I've discussed the MongoDB with Replication solution, which can be deployed on multiple virtual machines, and the MongoDB Helm chart, which can be deployed on Kubernetes.

But these aren't the only options. If you're an Oracle Cloud user, you can also deploy MongoDB on...

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Create a Production-Ready PostgreSQL Cluster with Bitnami, Kubernetes and Helm

by Vikram Vaswani

In a previous post, I discussed Bitnami's PostgreSQL with Replication solution, which can be deployed on multiple virtual machines. But what if you're using Kubernetes instead? Well, Bitnami also offers a PostgreSQL Helm chart that comes pre-configured for security, scalability and data replication. It's a great combination: all the open source goodness of PostgreSQL (foreign keys, joins, views...

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Horizontally Scale Your MongoDB Deployment with Bitnami, Kubernetes and Helm

by Vikram Vaswani

Do you need a solid, scalable NoSQL foundation for your production applications? And do you run a Kubernetes environment? If your answer to both these questions is "yes", then this blog post is for you.

MongoDB is a popular, document-oriented NoSQL database system, used by some of the largest companies in the world and tuned to deliver high performance without any loss of flexibility. And Bitnami...

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Create a Fault-Tolerant and Scalable Elasticsearch Cluster with Bitnami and Helm

by Vikram Vaswani

Elasticsearch is a powerful open source search engine that makes it easy to execute both structured and unstructured searches on data. It is also highly scalable, enabling you to perform real-time searches across hundreds of thousands of documents without sacrificing speed or quality.

Bitnami now offers an Elasticsearch Helm chart that makes it easy to deploy Elasticsearch in Kubernetes-based production...

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Migrating .NET Core applications to the cloud with Stacksmith. Part 2: Packaging for Azure and Kubernetes

by Wojciech Kocjan

In this post I walk you through the process of packaging a .NET Core application for Microsoft Azure as well as Kubernetes.

This is the second post of a set of two blog posts in which we are covering the whole process to prepare, package, migrate, and deploy a .NET Core application to the cloud using Stacksmith.

The first part of this article, Migrating .NET Core Applications to the cloud with...

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Migrating .NET Core applications to the cloud with Stacksmith. Part 1: Preparing the application

by Wojciech Kocjan

.NET Core is a subset of the .NET framework, but unlike .NET, it is cross platform. This means that .NET Core applications can be run on any operating system - Linux, Windows, or macOS

Bitnami Stacksmith is a tool that automates packaging and optimizes your application for deployment in clouds as well as in containers. It can be used in new application development (as I demonstrate here) as well...

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Deploy and scale a Redis cluster on Kubernetes with Bitnami and Helm

by Raquel Campuzano Godoy

Redis is an open source in-memory remote database that supports many different data structures: strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, and more. It can be used as a database, a cache, and a message broker.

This makes Redis a good choice to produce a platform for solving problems that other databases can't, such as communication between components and languages.

Bitnami has released a Helm...

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Deploy a Production-Ready MariaDB Cluster on Kubernetes with Bitnami and Helm

by Vikram Vaswani

MariaDB is a popular, open source relational database management system that is widely used for enterprise applications and mission-critical use cases. One of its key features is data replication, which allows data to be mirrored across multiple nodes. This feature increases application resilience, ensuring that applications can easily recover from system failures and avoid critical data loss.

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Scaling Wordpress In Kubernetes

by Victor Tuson Palau

Cloud Native applications have been designed to be run in microservices architecture where individual components can be scaled separately, data is persisted and sync across replicas and node failures can be easily survived. This can be more tricky with traditional web applications that have not been designed this way, such as WordPress.

Bitnami produces production-ready Docker images and Kubernetes...

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Bitnami Stacksmith, now with Support for Microsoft Azure

by Martin Albisetti

Bitnami and Microsoft announced today the inclusion of Microsoft Azure support in Stacksmith. This represents a significant effort, and the addition of this platform opens up a lot of great possibilities. I want to share some key points of this integration with you. But first, for those of you unfamiliar with Stacksmith, here is a brief overview.

Bitnami Stacksmith is an easy to use SaaS tool that...

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