Announcing BKPR 1.2 release

The Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime (BKPR) is a curated collection of services running on top of your existing Kubernetes cluster with the aim of automating the configuration of public access, logging and monitoring, and management of DNS records and TLS certificates. Read the Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime announcement to learn more about the motivation behind the development of BKPR.

The goal of Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime (BKPR) project is not only to keep the stacks up to date for security issues, but also for new features. We also want to continue adding supported platforms. In our latest release (BKPR 1.2) we have some new features worth mentioning:

EKS support

We have added AWS managed Kubernetes solution (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes, or EKS) to the list of supported platforms for BKPR (adding it to the already available GKE and AKS).

BKPR EKS support includes managing OAuth2 authentication using Cognito user pools and managing DNS zones in Route 53.

You can give a try to BKPR on EKS following our EKS Quickstart.

Elasticsearch 6.x

We have upgraded Elasticsearch and Kibana to the 6.x versions, with a lot of performance improvements. 5.x and 6.x indices are not compatible, so in order to upgrade to BKPR 1.2 from 1.1, you will need to follow our migration guide

Cert-manager 0.6.x

We have also upgraded cert-manager from 0.5.x to 0.6.x, with a lot of improvements on how cert-manager handles ACME certificates.

Try it out today!

If you want to try BKPR 1.2 today on EKS, GKE or AKS, download the latest release from our Github page.